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Michael Kidd serves as Vice President of HECM Mortgages at The Federal Savings Bank. He went into the Reverse Mortgage space after seeing the many benefits that one provided his mother, such as a significant enhancement in quality of life, and most importantly, peace of mind. Witnessing this, he inherently became extremely passionate about educating senior homeowners on how to truly maximize the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.

Michael is an incredibly caring and attentive loan officer. He makes sure he gets to understand his clients and their financial goals and needs so he may guide them to a loan product that best fits their situation. Michael truly values the customers he gets to work with, because as much as he can teach them, he feels that they are the ones that teach him the most, especially when it comes to kindness. Michael ensures anybody who works with him will receive nothing but genuine care, attention, and hard work.

In his free time, Michael enjoys getting outdoors from time to time. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends whenever the opportunity arises.