Michael Dunham Photo

Michael Dunham

Vice President


Michael Dunham has been deeply involved in the mortgage industry since before he graduated high school, over five years ago. He wanted to have a full understanding of the entire mortgage process so that he could help explain it all to his clients. He gained valuable knowledge from working in all departments from origination, processing, underwriting, and closing. Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, the lessons he learned were immeasurable. Values gained from exposure at an early age to business concepts, the importance of delivering quality service, understanding market dynamics and risk management were crucial components. Learning to be adaptive with an open mind and to seek consistent improvement has also provided him with a strong foundation for success. A forward-looking vision accompanied by a strong sense of mission are core components of his future. His passion for learning and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in his drive to excel as a Mortgage Banker and allows him to help many first-time home buyers in need across the Chicagoland area.

Michael specializes in Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs, which allows him to help as many people as possible get into homes each year. He works closely with some of the top Agents in the Chicagoland area, including handling an abundance of new prospective clients on a yearly basis for top producing Agent and Teams. Michael is consistently on the phone, effectively communicating with his entire team and clients in order to provide the best experience for all his home buyers.

Michael prides himself on delivering quality results to his clients and customers while ensuring that they are well informed to make educated financial decisions. Outside of work, he enjoys performing cello, playing baseball, reading, exploring both the city and the outdoors, and enjoys learning about Astrophysics and Astronomy.