Mena Vitale Warmbier Photo

Mena Vitale Warmbier

Mortgage Banker


Mena Vitale Warmbier graduated from Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in law. After obtaining her degree, she did her two-year internship at a law firm, passed all four boards, and was licensed to practice as an attorney. Mena went on to pass her notary and real estate attorney exams and was admitted to practice as a notary and conveyancer. Mena opened her own law practice where she specialized in business law, contract law, and real estate law. Mena also worked on retainer as a consultant to real estate businesses, where she trained them on rules and regulations that govern the real estate industry, negotiation skills, and how to complete documents. Mena moved to Florida, in July 2011 and has since been self-employed working as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

With over 20 years of experience in the legal arena, more specifically real estate law, Mena has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower understand how to structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. Mena prides herself in taking the time needed to understand her customers’ needs and in finding the best possible solution for every customer, thus allowing them to achieve their objectives. Mena has worked with hundreds of clients and she works hard to walk them through the process of buying a home in an organized and efficient manner. Because of her extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills and commitment to customer service, Mena will ensure you receive superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of your lifetime.

Mena is a God-fearing woman. She and her husband keep busy volunteering at their church in various departments as well as serving on the church board and helping people internationally. She is also very active in her community and she writes for a woman’s magazine once a quarter. Mena is committed to good health and exercises every day. She’s passionate about family and looks forward to treasured time when she can visit with her South African and Italian family.


Mena is amazing to work with. One of the kindest people I have ever met. I will recommend her to my friends.

- Erin G