Melanie was born and raised in Provo, Utah. Her traditional hard working family taught her a strong work ethic and the value of service to others. Out of high school she worked for the Provo City Parks and Recreation Department while attending Utah Valley University. With some education under her belt, she acquired the certifications and licenses necessary to pursue a career in pharmacy. She started as a retail pharmacy technician and quickly transitioned to a more challenging hospital position, where she prepared IV's for patients. Here she also honed her skills in inventory control, purchasing and acquisition, medication billing, employee training, and integration of new pharmacy technologies. She dedicated 15 years to the profession. Having spent some time at the pinnacle of her position she went looking for a new challenge.

She found a rewarding position helping seniors with pre-need funeral planning. She took seriously the responsibility to serve seniors and really engage with them as they planned their final tribute. She was rewarded by seeing their relief in knowing that their final wishes were taken care of and their loved ones would be unburdened during a devastating time. While doing this part time, Melanie also helped manage a family owned business of investment rental properties. The knowledge gained managing properties made transitioning into the mortgage industry a natural progression. She started as a production manager, but desired the personal interaction that being a loan officer provided her. She found a wonderful team of people that share her vision of treating each valued client as we would our family. She genuinely enjoys working with her senior clientele and is excited to show them how they can utilize a HECM to live their golden years with increased security and dignity.

Melanie enjoys spending time with her loving and supportive husband of 17 years and their 2 teenage sons. They are avid outdoorsmen that enjoy camping, fishing, motocross, scuba diving, and fun family retreats. She especially enjoys watching her sons pursue their hobbies and helping them excel and fulfill their own ambitions. In her few quiet moments, Melanie enjoys reading, drawing, painting, preparing home cooked meals, and maintaining her long-term friendships.