Mattisyahu Monheit Photo

Mattisyahu Monheit

Mortgage Banker


Mattisyahu Monheit is a recent hire by The Federal Savings Bank. He graduated from Excelsior College in Albany New York, Magna Cum Laude with a degree in the Liberal Arts. He also has a Talmudic law degree and has just entered the mortgage industry.

Mattisyahu grew up in Brooklyn, NY and always felt right at home in big cities. He chose to work with The Federal Savings Bank because of its superb relationship between bankers and customers. The openness and availability of the loan officers inspired him to become one. The Federal Savings Bank provides an atmosphere in which he feels that he can build a prestigious career, one that is centered on helping fellow citizens be able to achieve the American Dream which is to buy a house.

In his spare time Mattisyahu enjoys to play basketball, ping-pong and chess. His basketball career was cut short due to two ACL tears to the knee.