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Matthew Ferguson

Mortgage Banker


Matthew Ferguson graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in finance from the College of Business at Northern Illinois University back in 1988. As a Senior Mortgage Banker at The Federal Savings Bank, Matthew brings over twenty years of experience in the residential mortgage industry. His focus has always been on the client’s needs and providing exceptional customer service.

The Federal Savings Bank is a Veteran owned, federally chartered bank with a focus on educating its customers about the mortgage process and providing opportunity for home ownership. The Federal Savings Bank is a relationship lender who specializes in private client business and delivers an extremely high level of service while providing the most desirable products and rates available in the market place.

Matthew is married with two daughters, Abigail and Emma. Abigail is attending Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa, while Emma is entering her freshman year of high school at Naperville North High School. When not assisting his clients to secure their dream home, Matthew can be found either in Iowa visiting Abigail or cheering on Emma at one of her Soccer games.


It was a very good experience working with Matthew Ferguson and I would do it again for any needs that I have in the future.

- Alphonso H
Your loan officer was timely, well informed and supportive. an outstanding experience!

- Daniel M
Matt Ferguson did a wonderful job guiding us through the refinance process. He was incredibly responsive. We are completely satisfied with the results.

- David H
Matt Ferguson is bar one the very best lender. And I will recommend to all friends.

- Donald B
I especially appreciated the phone calls to keep me appraised of each step. Matthew Ferguson was exceptional.

- Frank W
Thank you for making my refinance experience a smooth one.

- Jason G
Doing a refinance in today's hyper regulated environment can be a daunting task. Fortunately we had the pleasure of working with Matt at the Federal Savings Bank. The process is what it is, but Matt made the navigation easy and was a delight to work with. Thanks to Matt and the team at The Federal Savings Bank.

- Jim O
Matt was amazing. He was always quick to respond and always willing to help. I will recommend him to anyone.

- John F
Please accept our biggest and most sincere :Thank You: for your perseverance and professionalism through the entire Loan process.

No matter how unpleasant or hard the messages were for you to deliver, you were always available, upfront, and consistent.

I will surely recommend you to any and all that are looking for VA or FHA loans.

Here is wishing you continued success and may the process get easier for everyone.

- Julie and Allen
The experience was great! It was very smooth. I work a lot so this was very stress free.

- Lucas W
I found that Matt Ferguson was extremely helpful and patient. This is our second refinance with you. Matt is the main reason we chose to work with you again.

- Michael G
I want to say thank you to Matthew Ferguson for all his help in expediting our business. I thought it was going to take a lot longer for the closing. But, I was impressed when I was notified of the closing date.

- Miguel T
Matt was awesome and so helpful...He went above and beyond!!!Also all people we came in contact with were very helpful and nice!!!!

- Paula W.
Originally, I made an internet inquiry about the possibility of obtaining a VA loan in the Fall of 2011 for a new home I was anticipating to purchase. Matthew Ferguson of The Federal Savings Bank initially made contact with me and answered the questions and concerns I had with obtaining a VA home loan. The seller of the home I was interested in buying received a higher, cash offer and I was forced to look for another property. I found another home but decided to go with a conventional loan. Matthew Ferguson stayed in contact with me over the years, keeping me informed as to what steps I needed to follow should I ever want to refinance my debt using a VA loan. In April of 2014, Matthew called me to make a friendly inquiry asking me if I had any interest in proceeding with a VA refinance loan. I shared with him my current financial situation, and after some investigation, he explained that I could more than likely consolidate all of my outstanding debt liabilities into one VA loan with a lower overall payment and interest rate. We started the loan qualification process over the telephone that day, and after several underwriting inquiries in the weeks that followed, successfully closed on a VA refinance loan on May 29, 2014. Thanks to Matthew Ferguson and his personal knowledge of the VA product, plus his patience and skill to overcome some administrative obstacles, my wife Eva and I now have a single monthly loan payment that is not only easily manageable, but has also simplified our life as new retirees. In strange way, I am going to miss talking with Matthew on a daily basis because he was truly a personable and approachable kind of guy. The Federal Savings Bank has a great asset in Matthew Ferguson.

- Ralph and Eva F
Very helpful and had all the answers. Went in depth with his explanations but still kept them in lay-mans terms to be able to understand. De-bunked a couple of thoughts I had been given by other loan specialists. Very enjoyable experience! Thanks very much! Will happily recommend you to other individuals with pleasure.

- Randal S
I want to thank you for all of your help in getting our deal done. I appreciate how diligently you and your team performed on our behalf.

- Ted L
Matthew was outstanding and walked us threw everything and always stayed in contact threw the whole process. He took every phone call didn't matter what time and even on Sundays.

- Terry B
So far all is clear. No issues. FYI, Matt was a pleasure to work with. Matt was very assertive in ensuring that all aspects of this loan process was handled with the utmost professionalism.

I look forward to obtaining the keys to our new home. Hopefully no later than Friday! I appreciate you funding the loan in advance to ensure this happens.

- Tim K
Matt did a great job with me and I will come back again.

- William C