Marjo Pajaj Photo

Marjo Pajaj

Mortgage Banker


Marjo Pajaj began his career in financial services by helping clients structure plans to secure their financial futures and retirement. With a focus on in-depth strategy and time-sensitive goals, he was able to put his clients on the right track to financial freedom. However, after recognizing that many of his clients needed help with strategically eliminating their debts, Marjo began working as a consultant at one of the largest debt relief and bankruptcy law firms in the nation, helping dozens of clients per month start the journey on becoming debt free. After obtaining a deep understanding of the resources available to consumers and homeowners, he transitioned into the mortgage industry as a talented and resourceful Mortgage Banker. Prior to joining The Federal Savings Bank, Marjo worked solely with veterans, helping them take advantage of the benefits available to them through the VA Home Loan Program.

Marjo joins the Bank and has made it his mission to help his clients achieve the dream of homeownership by offering the best home financing options available. With over half a decade of experience in financial services, he understands that mortgages are not just a means of financing a home, but a tool that his clients can use to reach their short and long-term financial goals. Marjo is passionate about finding new ways to help his clients save money, and regularly utilizes tools and systems that help his clients better understand their home loan.

Marjo resides in Park Ridge, IL with his fiancé and two dogs, Jo and Bella. When away from work, he is involved with the athletic programs at his former high school and designs athletic uniforms for schools and club teams nationally. In his free time, Marjo enjoys trying new places to eat, cooking, building computers, and listening to audio books.