Marc Stallings Photo

Marc Stallings

Mortgage Banker


Marc Stallings graduated from Hampden-Sydney college with a degree in Managerial and Applied Economics. The school in rural Virginia instilled a lifelong love of learning, the joy of hard work, a sense of doing the right thing. Shortly after graduating, he started his career in financial Services.

With almost 20 years of experience in banking and mortgage sales, Marc has the product mastery to help in almost any situation. He takes the time to fully understand a client’s needs and goals and structures the loan to fit into those confines. His ability and willingness to think outside of the box coupled with his understanding of various loans and guidelines has allowed Marc to find a solution for many people that were previously turned down. In addition to helping over 1,000 families achieve the goal of homeownership, Marc helped countless clients how to utilize a mortgage as a major part of their financial planning. He still treats every client with exceptional care and importance and loves the frequent comments f how easy he made the process.

Marc resides in St. Petersburg, FL with his amazing wife Lauren. He and his family enjoy seeing the dolphins and manatees while kayaking through the Tampa Bay area. Marc is very passionate about educating the youth. Five years ago, he started hosting monthly classes for local high school students to educate them about the importance of their credit and finance health after realizing how limited students’ awareness was. One of his proudest moments was last year when he helped one his students buy a new home 2 months after they graduated college.