Lourdes Villatoro Photo

Lourdes Villatoro

Mortgage Banker


Lourdes Villatoro graduated from Ashford University with a degree in accounting and finance. She has previously worked for one of the big four banks of the United States for over five years where she focused on commercial real estate finance. Prior to this experience, Lourdes worked for the number one residential lender for five years. She now continues to build her reputation as a reliable and talented mortgage banker.

She takes pride in helping her clients reach the dream of becoming a homeowner. She makes sure that her clients receive the best guidance possible while they are looking to obtain a mortgage for either purchase, refinance, second home, or investment home. Lourdes takes the time to listen to their immediate and long terms goals, so they get their financing tailored to their needs. With her vast experience and knowledge of the available program, she ensures each client has a seamless loan process.

Currently, Lourdes resides in Long Island, New York with her husband of over 10 years and her two children. She enjoys spending quality time with her family. She can often be found taking her son to lacrosse and tennis practice or her daughter to ballet and gymnastics.