Lou Willoughby Photo

Lou Willoughby

Senior Vice President and LPO Manager


Lou Willoughby graduated from Trine University (formally Tri-State University) with a Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, while being a 3-year starting defensive player on their championship football team. After obtaining his degree, Lou began his extensive career in mortgage lending and financial services. He started his career as a top loan officer before quickly becoming promoted to management. He has continued to grow and taken management positions over the last several years. Lou has helped start 2 different sites, then eventually moved to Texas to take over a Vice President of sales and Site Leader position in Plano. Lou recently moved back to Michigan with his family looking to continue to build his career.

With over 16 years of mortgage lending experience, Lou has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. Lou prides himself in getting to know his clients and educating them on the mortgage industry so he can help them make an informed decision that puts them and their families in the best possible financial situations. Having been in leadership for a large portion of his career, he excels at helping loan officers understand concepts of running a good business with making each customer the number one priority. With his vast experience through many different market shifts there is rarely a situation he has not seen. Because of this, he has extensive knowledge of loan guidelines which helps him custom tailor a loan to meet each client’s personal needs.

Lou resides in Commerce, MI with his wife, Jill, of 10 years and his 2 children, Austin and Olivia. His family is active in the church and community with his children attending the local catholic school. His passions center around his family and everyone in the family is enthusiastic about sports. Most weekends Lou and his wife can be found watching their daughter play soccer or their son play tee ball.