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Armed with knowledge and the drive to succeed, Tish Griffin makes the impossible happen. She gets to live out her passion daily through teaching and educating and supporting others to make dreams come true. Tish holds a Bachelor of Art in Business Management from Rockford University. She is also a financial guru obtaining a variety of different financial and mortgage lending licensing and certifications.

Growing up on the west side of Chicago, Tish had to learn to survive. Herself and her sister were raised by their grandmother as their mother is disabled. They faced lots of challenges and did not have a lot. She watched her grandmother give her life to help others. She gave her all every time and most of the time, overlooked herself. She had a 30-year mortgage and lost her home at year 28. Even though her grandmother helped others, no one was there to help her save her home. Tish was just a child but always felt she could do more. Tish has always said, if she would have known then, what she does now, she could have helped. Therefore, she takes this business very seriously. If she can help just one person so this doesn’t happen to them, her life will not be in vain. Homeownership, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship are very near and dear to her. As she grew up, there were different tools she learned and ways to navigate life. She learned to appreciate the little things and count her blessings while helping others.

Her emphasis has been on financial literacy and empowering others to improve their situation. She has been a consumer advocate by mediating on the behalf of consumers against unfair collection practices. She has implemented programs, such as the “Get Checking” course throughout Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, and the Rockford area and bringing Money Smart Week to Rockford and Bloomington-Normal areas. She also hosts a weekly phone in TV show on Chicago cable access dedicated to financial literacy. She strives to help you create financial freedom, stability, and wealth. In her free time, she enjoys creating memories with family. Her love of art and theater fuels her dream of creating these memories and loving life.