Laura Bopp Photo

Laura Bopp

HECM Advisor


Laura understands how hard you have worked to get where you are, and how important your home is to you. Her goal is to provide you with accurate information to help you maximize your assets and plan for a secure retirement.

Since 1997, Laura has had the privilege of serving her community in the mortgage industry. In 2008, she joined a Major Bank as a HECM Mortgage Advisor. She is relentless in her pursuit of customer satisfaction. Her greatest joy is hearing that her clients have moved closer to reaching their financial goals.

Laura is extremely involved with various senior services in my community. She enjoys volunteering her time at the local Senior Community Center. Laura also works with Colorado Senior Advisors, which is a senior outreach organization made up of professionals serving seniors. For the past 9 years, she has been a Meals on Wheels volunteer delivering meals to homebound seniors. By combining her passion for helping seniors with her expertise in the mortgage industry, moving into HECM Mortgage loan arena just seemed like a natural progression.

She is a dedicated professional with experience, integrity and communication skills that it takes to help seniors understand HECM mortgages and the loan options that help meet their financial and personal needs in order to truly change their lives. After much research in finding the best fit for her clients, she has partnered up with The Federal Savings Bank.

The Federal Savings Bank is a Veteran-owned, federally chartered bank with a focus of promoting public awareness and educating Seniors about the FHA HECM basics and benefits. No lender is added to title. Retain full home ownership rights. No debt is passed to heirs. Our FHA HECM Advisors provide an unmatched level of professionalism and service. They are dedicated to give Seniors a worry-free safe transaction.

Laura has been married for 16 years and share a beautiful daughter with her husband. She has the cutest dog and cat that we take up to the mountains on the weekend.