Kimberly Widmann Photo

Kimberly Widmann

HECM Advisor


Kimberly Widmann has always been surrounded by real estate and mortgage professionals. Prior to making the commitment to full time mortgage lending, she helped operate the family business for some time. Kimberly also became an adjunct professor where she lectured about entrepreneurship with her MBA. During this time, she obtained her Ph.D. in natural health and her CPT license in women, children, and senior fitness.

Kimberly brings a unique passion to share information about HECMs with her clients. This sets her apart as she intertwines her professional mortgage experience with her passion of education and helping clients. She believes utilizing a HECM allows her clients to achieve less financial stress by providing them with access to their equity. Kimberly helps each client make decisions that are individually tailored, explained, and communicated through every step of the process. Her top priority is to educate and observe each client’s time carefully, making sure each and every person over the age of 62 and the people that are important to them, know their options and understand the reasoning and financial sense behind HECM. Kimberly’s goal is to not only help fulfil the goals and dreams of her clients, but to become a lifelong friend, and be available to answer any questions along the journey in their retirement years.

Kimberly has 5 beautiful children, thanking God every day for every second with them. She enjoys family adventures and sharing meals. Kimberly is a lifelong learner, loves to play the piano, hike, fresh Colorado mountain air, lilacs and roses, warm Arizona sun, home grown tomatoes and Palisade peaches.