Khemraj Sarju Photo

Khemraj Sarju

Senior Vice President


Khemraj Sarju started his real estate career in Queens, NY as a real estate salesperson. He was a salesperson for a few months and then became a real estate broker in the state of NY. While living in New York, Khemraj spent a few years helping home buyers with down payment assistant programs and grants. He later then moved to Florida where he started his career as a loan officer at a mortgage banker company. Khemraj later obtained his mortgage broker’s license and opened his own company which he then developed into a correspondent lender.

With over 20 years of combined experience as a real estate broker and a mortgage broker, Khemraj have successfully managed over 1,500 closed transactions. He has exceptional knowledge in this field, and he is prepared to help his clients with all their real estate matter. Not only have Khemraj held the position as the CEO of his own correspondent lender, but he also has ample experience supervising over 60 loan originators. Khemraj comprehensive background and understanding of real estate had equipped him with the skills necessary to train over 100 real estate agent and loan originators. Having done this for so long, Khemraj has an in-dept training of effective real estate techniques and how to deal with complex transaction. He also possesses the ability to negotiate on behalf of buyer and sellers with any population in multiple settings.

Khemraj currently reside in Fort Pierce, FL with his wife of 28 years and he is a very proud father to their three amazing kids ages 26, 24 and 18.