Kelli Randall Photo

Kelli Randall

HECM Vice President


Kelli Randall graduated from Santa Barbara Business College with a Degree in Computerized Accounting. Her degree and experience is what helped her start her career in the mortgage industry.

Kelli brings 19 years of experience to The Federal Savings Bank. She has helped many clients over the years achieve their dream of home ownership. As her career progressed, Kelli made a move to specialize in reverse mortgages starting in 2008. Throughout her career, she has been recognized as a knowledgeable mortgage professional. She is very passionate about educating the public on the benefits and requirements of reverse mortgages. Kelli spends her time consulting seniors and their families about the role a reverse mortgage can have in real estate and retirement planning. Kelli's ability to work closely with her clients to educate them about reverse mortgages helps her ensure that clients completely understand the program and make an informed decision as to whether or not it is right for them.Kelli resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her two children Skylar and Joseph. When she is away from work, Kelli enjoys attending her son's lacrosse games and watching her favorite NFL team the Green Bay Packers. She loves to travel with her children and spend as much time as she can at the beach.