Karina Perdomo Photo

Karina Perdomo

Mortgage Banker


Karina Perdomo has been a student of the financial industry throughout her entire career. She has attended mortgage origination schooling, obtained her mortgage license, and received strong training with the mortgage institutions she has worked for. Karina has had a successful career as a Mortgage Banker helping her customers achieve their financial goals of becoming homeowners. She currently resides in the northern Virginia area where she proudly continues to develop her mortgage career.

With more than 15 years of mortgage lending experience, Karina has the knowledge and expertise to help each customer structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. Having helped hundreds of clients, she understands how confusing the home buying process can be and works hard to guide each customer through the process in an organized and efficient manner. Karina is a valued and trusted mortgage advisor to the Hispanic community in her area. She takes great pride in assisting her customers through the mortgage process as they put 100% of their trust in her ability to help them become homeowners.

When away from work, Karina and her daughter teach the Hispanic community how to better take care of their homes once they buy them. She loves to help her community and volunteers in local outreach programs that provide clothing and food to people in need. Karina enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures as well as enjoying their great culinary offerings.