Jose Gonzalez Photo

Jose Gonzalez

Mortgage Banker


Jose M Gonzalez grew up in Lima-Peru, located in South America, and worked in the private sector of Financial Business, and like to be in contact with the excited finance world that make him so interested in the economy and “how to make money”.

He moved to the United States in 2006 and married his wonderful wife who was in the Real Estate business. She motivated him to start working in the business and so successful that he is still involved in it.

The Federal Saving Bank offers great programs and options to make their clients happy. This is what incentivized Jose to get going in the mortgage industry.

Jose likes to play soccer, spend time with his kids, and enjoy time with his wonderful wife… when there are no clients to take care of, of course.

The Federal Savings Bank offers a variety of superior financing programs for my clients as well as a professional atmosphere that allows their loans to be quickly processed, approved and closed.