Jordan Gray Photo

Jordan Gray

Mortgage Banker


Jordan, a native of California, was born and raised with large focus on athletics and academics before jumping headfirst into his career in the mortgage industry.

Jordan got his college degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with an emphasis on data analytics and sales marketing. He is a national class athlete and continues to keep himself in top physical and mental condition. He applies that same discipline he used during his college athletics to ensure the very best service for his clients.

Jordan’s energetic demeanor and ongoing dedication to learning is infectious. While attending college, he built his own business in his spare time as well as tutored other students in the business school. This background gave him a solid foundation in customer service and as such, he learned how to prioritize projects appropriately, reach deadlines and explain processes to those he works with. Now, linking that same commitment to customer service with his knowledge of the mortgage industry, he provides a wealth of information to his clients and hopes to always be an asset to his customers, builders, realtors and referral resources.

Jordan believes that a mortgage should be about building true relationships and helping clients accomplish their specific own financial objectives!

In his free time Jordan enjoys exercising, studying market analytics, reading and traveling with friends and family.