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Jon Wolff earned a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Kansas. He developed a strong interest in consumer finance and applying financial tools to help individuals and families improve their financial positions.

Jon is a seasoned mortgage banker with over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his mortgage career in 2004 and was a top producing loan officer for several years. Building on that experience, he began helping individuals and families reduce and eliminate consumer debt at a leading nationwide firm. Jon became the all-time highest producing advisor in company history, then transitioned back to the mortgage industry. His specialty is helping homeowners save money, eliminate consumer debt, and retire debt and mortgage free. Jon is well versed in VA, FHA, and conventional financing.

Jon and his wife have been married for fifteen years and reside in Mesa, Arizona. Jon grew up in Minnesota and is a life-long ice hockey fan. He enjoys spending time with family, enjoys music, and plays guitar in his spare time.



- Jeannie D
Jon Wolff was exceptional from beginning to finish. He was professional and very knowledgeable regarding mortgages. He was always able to answer our questions without hesitation. He informed us that due to self-employment our process may take longer than usual to process and that was the case. We were impressed that Jon stayed in touch with us and the prompt communication was a key factor in our commitment to stay with the process until finished. We would highly recommend Jon Wolff for friends and family and would not hesitate to contact him again for any of our future mortgage needs.

- Kathleen D
The calls from Jonathan and his staff kept us on point and at ease. It all happened as he stated in a timely manner. All parties were timely and presented a safe environment for my family. His knowledge of my needs were openly expressed for me to decide. Thanks.

- LT D
I was totally impressed with Jon Wolff and his communication skills. He was very informative and provided sound detailed financial advice. He took his time to help me thoroughly understand the process and never feel rushed or pushed to move faster than I was comfortable. His ability to be personable and his quick adaptability to work through a few unforeseen delays from myself impressed me. Mr. Wolff excels highly in his communication skills. Him being from arid Phoenix and my being in sub zero Alaska gave us small challenges to work through and Jon Wolff passed the rigors of dealing with "Our first snow was today so I couldn't do your paperwork because of all the chaos" excuses which, in Alaska, is valid approved work leave. I liked Jon Wolff because he was easy to discuss a multitude of topics of which some were highly personal, IE: our spending habits. He also was funny which wins points with me because he could handle me making mildly inappropriate joking remarks by sharing his great laugh. Joh Wolff is personable and you have our business solely because of him. He's real and honest. I went through many loan solicitors and fired a few before settling with Mr. Wolff. Jon Wolff is an asset to The Federal Savings Bank.

- Martin G
Thank you for all the excellent help. I've never had this level of customer service working with a mortgage company before. You were always extremely attentive, quick to respond to inquires, as well as unfailingly professional. Thanks again.

- Peter S
Jon made the whole process easy to do and understand

- Warren B
I want to commend Mr. Jon Wolff, Mortgage Banker for his knowledge of the process, communication skills, and his commitment to customer service. I was also pleased with those who worked with him to complete this transaction, especially Mr. Cleveland Colter, Junior Mortgage Banker.

- Wesley F