John Reddy Photo

John Reddy

Mortgage Banker


John is a Mortgage Banker with The Federal Savings Bank and is passionate about serving the mortgage needs of his customers. He graduated from the United States Military Academy with a degree in Engineering Management and went on to serve his country as a United States Army Engineering Officer. John served in Germany and Missouri as well as deploying to Iraq for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Afterwards, John worked as a Project Manager both in the US and abroad, where he supported deployed troops for almost five years during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Following his engagement in that project, John has championed a number of projects in the oil industry.

John brings the skills, dedication and work ethic that served him as an Army Officer and Project Manager to the Banking Industry. This ensures that the borrower, realtor and all third parties are on track for a successful and on time closing. John fully understands that each borrower’s situation is unique and the success of each transaction depends on the ability to ask effective questions, listen to the client’s goals and objectives, and offer financial solutions that help each client reach or exceed those goals. With access to the widest array of mortgage products in the industry, John can ensure he meets the needs and goals of each borrower.

During his free time, John enjoys the outdoors where you will find him camping or hiking with his wife and their dog.