John Powell Photo

John Powell

Mortgage Banker


John Powell graduated from Florida State University with a degree in finance and minors in Physics and Mathematics and had a focus in Law. After graduating, John went to work for a brokerage that specialized in the sale and acquisition of chiropractic practices. At the same time, John ran his own small business support operation in which he designed Excel spreadsheets to help small businesses discover various financial solutions.

John moved into the mortgage industry in November of 2020 as a Junior Mortgage Banker. Given his experience helping small businesses, John understands the importance of every dollar spent and how to spend it best, or even better, save it. Having worked in the customer service side of finance, John prides himself on making sure that he meets the financial needs of his clients in the most efficient and effective way possible.

When John is not looking at numbers, he is playing basketball or working out at the local Y. In his free time, John enjoys taking walks, playing golf, and going out to enjoy many of Nashville’s native breweries. John has an avid passion for his sports team which are all over the map.