John Pisa Photo

John Pisa

Mortgage Banker


John Pisa attended Baruch College in New York City majoring in finance and investments with a minor in business communication. Late in his senior year, John altered his plan of pursuing a career on Wall Street after finding his passion in real estate and never looked back. He found working with real estate clients was enjoyable; however, obtaining consistent mortgage approvals for his buyers was a challenge. John soon realized that most so-called “loan experts” produced only a paltry 50% close ratio for our offices real estate buyer’s. With such a high fallout, John decided he could do no worse and threw his hat into the mortgage loan originator ring. Under the tutelage of some very knowledgeable owners of a small mortgage company, John learned the business inside and out. His closing ratio for his buyers soared to over 90%. This caught the attention of other agents in his office and within a short time; John became the “go to guy” for preapprovals.

John’s success and mortgage business knowledge opened the path for various branch manager positions where John managed the loan flow for purchases and refinances throughout the United States. Depending upon the market cycle, John has immersed himself into the buying and selling of residential and commercial real estate, which he still does on a scaled back pace today. During one transition, he took the position of operations manager for a commercial loan division at a regional bank. He managed the flow of construction, subdivision, SBA, buildings and private money loans. These days, John has gone back to his roots, working at his own pace, closing residential and commercial loans for his nationwide network of mortgage clients and referrals. John has been involved in over 3000 closed transactions during the last 27 years. He listens to your needs and comes up with viable options in a timely, professional manner.

Outside work, John and his fiancé are an adventurous healthy eating duo, making most weekends as memorable as possible. His fiancé is also in the real estate industry so finding them together exploring old Victorians or admiring different architecture in their travels would be typical for them.