John Goulandris Photo

John Goulandris

Senior Vice President


John Goulandris spent 20 years working in the iron workers union before deciding to make a change in his career path. He took his leadership skills into mortgage lending, and 6 years later, he has yet to look back. He has climbed to the level of Senior Vice President and is now running a successful team helping families all over the country reach their financial goals.

John has always loved helping others, so he has a real passion for helping his clients achieve their dream of homeownership. He always takes the time to truly get to know each one of his clients in order to find them a financial solution that best fits their situation. John loves nothing more than putting a smile on someone’s face, so he is dedicated to working with you until he does.

In his free time, John can be found enjoying his time outdoors. He also loves spending quality time with his family and friends whenever he gets the chance.