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Jessica Dumont

Mortgage Banker


Jessica Dumont began as a bank teller right out of high school. She then went on to mortgage banking in 2004 all while attending college and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She then went on for a Master of Arts in Education and is currently working to complete her Doctorate in Behavioral Psychology.

She lives to help families achieve their dreams. Jessica has the knowledge and expertise to assist families in purchasing a home for memories to come and in building a home for dreams to be made. What makes Jessica stand out and shine is her desire to help anyone and everyone in helping them create their dreams come true.

In Jessica’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her children. Other hobbies include writing, hiking, studying, cooking, and quilting. She also loves advocating through CASA (court appointed special advocate) for children that may struggle with home lives and need an adult to be a voice of representation. On top of Jessica’s three teenagers of her own, she is currently in the process of adopting another teenage girl to give her a better life.