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Jennifer Olson

Mortgage Banker


Jennifer Olson was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon. She attended the University of Oregon and received her associate degree in Visual Marketing.

Jennifer has been in the mortgage industry for 1 year, has 4 years in the new home construction industry as a sales consultant prior to that, and 1 year as a real estate agent prior to that. She has a passion for the housing industry and each career change was a huge opportunity to expand and reach more families. Jennifer has been awarded and recognized as a top producing new home sales consultant many years in a row before entering the mortgage industry. Her passion for this industry comes from genuinely loving to help families accomplish the American Dream of homeownership. The easier and more enjoyable Jennifer can make the process, she feels the more they get to enjoy the fact they are purchasing a new home, which is the ultimate goal. Jennifer recognizes that this is a very emotional process and if she can relieve just an ounce of the stress and replace it with excitement, only then does she feel like she has done her job.

Jennifer currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and their very cute black lab referred to as her fur child. Jennifer and her husband are most excited to become a new mom and dad and she cannot wait to grow her family and raise a beautiful child. Jennifer’s only brother has gifted her with a beautiful Nephew and Niece, whom she is lucky enough to share a birthday with! Anyone who knows Jennifer knows her love for Oregon Football and college football in general. Along with that, she is huge into weightlifting and fitness, which is her husband and her main hobby outside of work. They also love to travel together, whether it’s a shorter day trip to explore something new, or a long cross-country trip. They love being together as a family no matter what they’re doing.