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    2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018
Jennifer Katz was born and raised in Chicago, Il. She is a single mother of 2 beautiful young Boys. She has always been known to be a huge aid in helping people find creative ways to enrich their lives. This passion of hers has led her into the finance and mortgage industry. Her position allows her to facilitate with helping her clients and friends and family to improve their current and future financial positions.

After attending the University of Kansas, she was a member of the Us Army National Guard which is why she makes such a great fit with the Federal Savings Bank, which is a veteran owned and operated bank. After the military she periodically volunteered her time with the Buddy Baseball Program. This was a non-profit program started by her father who is a retired Marine veteran, allowing handicapped children to play baseball in an organized league. Presently, she volunteers her time with organizations in Arizona where she currently resides, such as the Ribbon Riders and Cats for the cure. These organizations raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Her passion and determination in helping people to enrich their lives shows through in her dedication to her work.

Jennifer has worked at one of the worlds largest Financial Institutions for the past 4 years annually funding over 40 million dollars in purchase and refinance business. Within 2 years of being in the industry she was promoted to training new hires in her field. Her training also includes, full document and HARP conventional loans, as well as and FHA full document and streamline loans. She now has made the jump the Federal Savings Bank, where she will take her specialized VA knowledge and ability to one the nations most profitable all Veteran Owned Banks. Her passion and determination in helping people to enrich their lives shows through in her dedication to her work. Here she provides the highest standards of customer service, reliability to getting the job done, and remains right there by your side though out the entire mortgage process until it is complete and you are satisfied.


The positives (there were NO NEGATIVES) were:

1. structure of our loan – easy to understand – a short 20 min call (even while in a car on a trip) was all we needed to understand how the loan we chose was BEST

2. timely responses – normally within hrs. or less – great service and responsiveness

3. overall professionalism – we have had 5 homes – refinance a couple times over the years – this was hands down the best company to deal with – from Jenny to the underwriter to the person that came out to explain and get all forms signed – 100% an “A Team effort”.


- Kevin S
I just want to thank Jennifer Katz and the Federal Savings Bank for the service we received and the funding of our VA IRRRL.

Jennifer was wonderfully stubborn in pursuit of the loan. I do not believe it would have happened without her. We had a narrow gap between increasing interest rates and our current rate. We further complicated the process with a energy efficiency rebate request. She made it happen when there was very little time to spare. I always had the feeling she was our advocate who was straight forward, well informed, and thankfully, had a well developed sense of humor.

Lastly, I know from this experience that the Veteran ownership and Veteran employees of The Federal Savings Bank make a difference to the Veteran applicant. I came to TFSB after a poor experience with another bank who promised a rate what I now know was not possible. I can recommend TFSB and especially Jennifer Katz. Thanks so much everyone. Well done!!

- Art B
I will highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives… I learned lots from you, seems I can learn more to do the banking job someday. Few more years for retirement.

Have a nice day.

- Arturo B
Your Service and assistance during this process was OUTSTANDING. You provided us with quick responses and help us with all of our concerns. We will definitely come to you the next time we want to buy another house or refi. Thank for all your help.

- Audie H
Thank you for all your work and effort concerning the refinance of our new loan. I really do appreciate all you did. I will be most happy to refer you in the future to friends or family.

- Barbara C
Thank you so much, Jennifer! I really appreciate how well you have communicated throughout this process, and how quickly things have moved along. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

- Craig M
Thank you for everything!  You were wonderful and professional and answered all of my questions in a timely manner.  I truly value your knowledge in the mortgage field.  It really made our experience an easy and enjoyable one.  Thank you again.
All the best,

- Deborah F

Let me get back to you as soon as I get home from Ft. Bragg.....bottom line is that we are very satisfied with you/process and would be happy to recommend you and your bank!

- Gary
Please express my appreciation to Jennifer Katz for her exceptional service and support during our recent home refinance in Oct 2013. From the first call, Jennifer provided exceptional service, was friendly and attentive to our needs, and answered all of our many questions.

A home refinance is an emotion filled activity. Once the family name is out there, bankers inundate the family with phone calls. We received calls from dozens of relentless bankers and some from the Federal Savings Bank (FSB) employees. The FBS calls eventually stopped once I convince them that Jennifer was taking care of us. In addition to the calls, there are numerous forms to read, fill out, copy and fax. We were concerned with personal information and no matter how smooth you’d like things to go glitches always arise. Finally, I should say that before this process began, our “cup” was already running over with medical and other issues.

This is why I’m so grateful to Jennifer for her compassion and understanding. We communicated a lot on e-mail and to a lesser extent, spoke on the phone. This worked well for me since I spend significant time at the computer. I hate to admit how many questions I asked. Jennifer didn’t always answer immediately and I didn’t expect her to – surely I wasn’t her only client. But answers always came soon.

When glitches did arise like missing forms, termite inspections, and needed hand rails on the stairs, Jennifer walked us through the process. This is the first refinance where I took a significant role. Sandra takes care of most of the paperwork but in this case it just seemed more appropriate for me to communicate with Jennifer and I had the capability to receive and transmit data.

I asked Sandra what stood out in her mind about Jennifer’s performance. She said Jennifer wasn’t pushy, she was very knowledgeable, friendly and kind, and always available. I think she had a lot more positives but you get the point.

For me a highlight of Jennifer’s service happened just before closing. Sandra and I took a trip to Orlando to view a timeshare. We had no intention of buying but once got there and saw the place our minds changed. I told Sandra that I’d call Jennifer. If I could roll the cost into our refinance, we’d buy the timeshare. Jennifer said yes and took care of everything. She made the process seem simple to us though I’m sure it was a significant for her. I do not believe the process could have gone smoother and that was in large part due to Jennifer’s professionalism, knowledge, kindness, availability, and exceptional service. Thanks You!

- Gene C
Thanks again for the great service. It was a painless process and you did a great job keeping me up to date on the status. Thanks again.

- Jason A
I was very pleased with the process. While it took a while, with my schedule most things do. I thought you went above and beyond with all your help through the process. You don't know how much this will and has already helped my family. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep the house and farm at one point. Getting that payment down and no payments for two months has helped my get some back on track. Thank you for ALL. I will recommend you to any of my fellow veterans and already have.

- Jeff E
Thank you Jennifer Katz for your professionalism and hard work. You made the process painless. Thank you for staying on top of everything. I will recommend you to my friends and family. Look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Joanna and Anthony G
I would like your supervisor or manager to know what an awesome job you have done in getting everything completed and keeping me in the loop.

As I said yesterday on the phone, I also work in customer service and the service you have provided has been exceptional and has been more than anything I could have ever ask for. We didn’t do the refinance earlier because I was truly scared of the process. You have made it so easy.

- Kelly F
My wife and I really enjoyed working with Jennifer Katz and her team. As veteran I was very proud in the way she helped and walked me through so many I did not understand, and I am grateful. Thanks again!

- Larry F
I wanted to let you know about the quality of my professional experience with Ms. Jennifer Katz. She was exceptionally kind and gracious during her interactions with me, a feat which I did not make easy. Ms. Katz treated me with respect and extraordinary consideration. She is very knowledgeable, remarkably helpful and has the uncommonly diplomatic social skills necessary to manage difficult behavior, a fact to which I can testify. Ms. Katz’s efficiency is admirable, especially since despite the speed with which she works, she is still able to make the customer feel valued and appreciated. I was emotionally unstable after the death of my husband and consequently very volatile. Ms. Katz still managed to maintain a positive attitude and to be a model of courtesy and compassion. She might have helped me complete the refinancing of my loan in record time had I not been so petulant and irascible.

Ms. Katz is an asset to your organization. Perhaps the best compliment I can issue, though, is that I intend to see if she will accept me as a client for repeat business.

- Melanie W.
Wonderful, thank you :) I was getting a tad bit nervous. I seem to live under Murphy's Law lately. If it can, it does!

I'm keeping your contact Info, If I have anyone who is looking a mortgage or refi, I will definately refer them to you!!!!

Thanks again for everything,

- Michele B
We would like to thank you for the outstanding service you provided from start to finish with our refinancing of our mortgage. You provided support and advice that allowed us to make sound planning for our financial future.

Thank you,

- Paul and Beth S
Jenny, I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done in helping us with the mortgage. The closing at home is wonderful. You are a super person. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much. We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

- Pearlie D
I couldn’t have asked for a better communicator, organizer, or more helpful person than you. You were awesome….!!!! I really don’t have any negatives except for the reams of paper I had to sign but we can thank our wonderful government, both federal and state, for that.

- Rich
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the great process and experience that I had with Jennifer. Even though I really am not sure how she got my phone number she called me to talk to me about the VA rate reduction program. At first I was a little hesitant only because all of the fraud going on in the world and where I am also in banking we are probably even more suspicious. Anyways, she made me feel very comfortable and I asked questions that she was able to answer like a "real banker" would. I was amazed at the process and that she stayed right on top of what she needed and guided me thru the whole process. She even emailed me when my loan was funded. She was right there until the end. She is a great employee and person and wanted to let someone know that she is making a difference is people's lives. I especially appreciate her commitment and friendliness as I worked for the #1 bank in New England and I look for and expect great customer experience and I feel that I got that from Jenny.

I also commend The Federal Savings Bank for offering the no cost closing costs for the Veterans on their VA loans. I think Jennifer being a veteran as well makes her the right person for her job too.

- Teresa D.
Federal Savings Bank contacted me proactively, sent me a great link to educate me on the program and then we ran with things. The experience I had with Jennifer and the team was excellent!!

- Troi H.
Thank you Jennifer the professionalism that you provided in trying to get my loan processed was remarkable! You truly are a leader in your field and I wish you much success. You are what a professional should be: quick to respond, great at gathering all necessary components, reliable, friendly and a lady who knows her business! I wish you well and once again thank you!!

- Wally M