Jaquaya Alston Photo

Jaquaya Alston

Mortgage Banker


Jaquaya was born and raised in Philadelphia but moved to a few different places in between, which makes her upbringing unique. Right after high school, she moved away from her family to Baltimore, where she obtained a degree from Morgan State University in Finance. While working during her college years, she found her passion for real estate and began investing in homes to help build a better neighborhood back home.

Being new to the industry, Jaquaya is determined to exceed any obstacle that she is up against. Being in the real estate industry previously, she has mastered providing excellent customer service while exceeding expectations by any means. Her father joined the military in her early childhood, and she learned the importance of discipline, integrity, and loyalty. She has a passion for helping others as well, so she decided to put her life lessons into action and build a career as a reliable mortgage banker. Her vision is to enhance the knowledge of home financing to clients while providing the best and most memorable service possible. Each situation has its own unique scenario, so her commitment will ensure superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of your lifetime. Being able to help people obtain homeownership is an amazing feeling and makes her strive to help as many people as possible!

Jaquaya still resides in Baltimore with her dog Phoenix. When she is not meeting with new clients, she is studying the stock market and currency trading. Outside of work she travels, exercise, read books, goes skydiving, and enjoy family back at home in Philadelphia. She has a passion for sports as well, so she is always eager to participate in a gym workout or scrimmage.