James Safford Photo

James Safford

Mortgage Banker


James Safford started his career in the mortgage industry before he even graduated college. He accepted an internship with a residential mortgage broker that jump started his career. In 2000, James graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. After six successful years of being a loan officer, he made a lateral move into the world of residential titles. Sensing he still wanted more, James returned to school to obtain a second undergraduate degree a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology as well as graduate certificates in Archaeology and Historic Preservation. He then used his degrees to continue his work in the title field by expanding his portfolio to cover Historic title research.

After five years of work as an Archaeologist and Historic title researcher, James decided to make the change back to mortgage banking industry. With an extensive background in both mortgages and title abstraction, he can guide you through the entire process with an expanded wealth of knowledge. James takes pride in helping all borrowers achieve their dream of home ownership.

In his spare time, James has written three fiction novels and is currently working on a screen play. He is a skilled singer/songwriter, plays dozens of instruments, and can sometimes be found, guitar in hand, in front of a crowd full of people.