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Jacqulyn Kagan graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Finance. Prior to finding her passion in the mortgage industry, she worked in customer service for 15 years where she found her love for ensuring every customer that crossed her path always had a positive experience.  After entering the mortgage industry in 2017, she was able to intertwine these two passions to ensure that every new homeowner she helped felt at ease and satisfied throughout a typically not-so-enjoyable process of purchasing a new home.

Jacqulyn has worked for two of the top home builders in the nation, equating her 6 years of experience to a mortgage professional who has been in the industry for over 20. She is certified in Florida down payment assistance programs but has a broad range of mortgage knowledge that allows her to help any customer between a first time home buyer to someone looking to add another investment property to their portfolio and everyone in between. Jacqulyn takes pride in connecting with each buyer to ensure she finds what their goals are, what their pain points are, and to stop at nothing to ensure they reach the end goal of becoming a happy homeowner.

Jacqulyn was born and raised in Florida but is a proud shareholder and fan of the Green Bay Packers. She enjoys reading, spending time with her dog and 2 cats, and enjoying life to the fullest. Having a positive attitude and outlook on life is a key characteristic of who she is, and she looks forward to helping you achieve your dream of home ownership!