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Jack Belles graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Finance. After graduating, Jack spent 5 years working for a major insurance company based in Hartford, CT.

He segued into the mortgage industry in 1986 and worked as a Mortgage Originator for 5 years in the New England market. In 1992, Jack founded his own mortgage company, where he served as President and ran the company for 24 years. With 34 years of mortgage origination experience and having helped thousands of clients, Jack understands how confusing the home buying process can be and works hard to walk each client through the process in an organized and efficient manner. Because of his extensive knowledge of available programs, problem-solving skills, and steadfast commitment to customer service, he will ensure you receive superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of a lifetime. Jack has extensive knowledge of the Federally Insured HECM program for clients that are over 62. He has been assisting clients and financial planners for 16 years in the analysis and benefits of the HECM program.

Jack and his wife, Jillian, recently relocated to Cape Coral, FL. They enjoy kayaking, boating, walks on the beach with their dog, and going to the gym.