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Ingri Martinez has been a financial advisor for 10 years and continues to help people achieve their financial goals, including obtaining mortgage loans. After attending college for Psychology and Sociology, Ingri realized how much she wanted to help her community. Aware of her interest in mathematics and the stock market, Ingri began to obtain investment licenses to help provide a better outcome for people’s financial future, thus becoming an investment advisor. She is a now mortgage banker at the Federal Savings Bank, growing and expanding her abilities in the financial field.

Without a doubt, Ingri is a high performing, dedicated, strategic thinking, and respected individual with over a decade of experience in social and financial fields. She is a courteous, professional, and a diplomatic individual, able to build rapport with home buyers and discuss their needs. With excellent listening and probing skills, Ingri is able to elicit information pertaining to their questions in purchasing a home. While maintaining a vast amount of understanding and knowledge, she can resolve any challenging situation. Purchasing a home is one of those big decisions she discusses with her clients and being able to help them accomplish becoming a homeowner is very rewarding. Ingri enjoys building relationships and creating a community in which home buyers can come to her and create a plan for their future with ease. With excellent communication skills in English as well as in Spanish, Ingri insists on providing very detailed explanations to clients for them to be able to make the right choices for their lifestyle.

Ingri has always been a hard worker, dedicated to her passion which is to help as many families reach their goals and dreams. At the end of the day, she enjoys connecting with peers and friends over great food when she is not visiting new places and traveling across the world. Ingri believes that life is about experiences and creating memories with those closest to her.