Indira Fontalvo Photo

Indira Fontalvo

Indira Fontalvo graduated from the Sawyer Business School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with a degree in business administration. After graduating, she spent many years working in the accounting department of a human resource firm. She then segued into the mortgage lending industry. Indira spent several years as a mortgage lender and later as a real estate agent. Now, she continues to build her reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable mortgage banker.

Her expertise has allowed her to create a smooth process for her borrowers which has also created great relationships with her clients. Indira is bilingual, which has helped her communicate with many clients and ensure their financial goals are met through a seamless process. Because of her extensive knowledge of accounting, real estate, and lending guidelines, Jenny offers a unique and comprehensive understanding of the home buying process.

Indira and her husband married in 2016 and they have three beautiful children together. She’s an active PTA member and keeps busy helping with her kids’ after school programs such as soccer, gymnastics, and art. Indira also loves to travel and has made it a point to take her kids to explore new U.S. cities and other countries to learn about other cultures.