Holt Stockett Photo

Holt Stockett

Vice President


Holt Stockett is originally from Jackson, Mississippi and graduated from The University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Finance. Upon graduation, Holt moved to Nashville to begin his career in the financial services industry. He began working as an Escrow Analyst before becoming a Mortgage Banker.

Holt’s desire to use his financial expertise to help others led him to pursue an opportunity as a Mortgage Banker, where he knew he would be able to use his financial knowledge to positively impact the lives of American homeowners. Holt’s mission is to fully understand the goals and aspirations of his clients to help them achieve those goals. Holt understands how important transparency and communication are throughout the loan process and prides himself on always being available for his clients. He understands that the loan process can be confusing at times, so he uses his knowledge to clearly communicate with clients to make the process simple and enjoyable.

Holt currently resides in Nashville, TN where he is an active member of the community. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing guitar, tennis, and golf. He also enjoys cheering on the Titans and the Ole Miss Rebels.


My experience with The Federal Savings Bank was exceptional. Mr. Stockett and staff was of great help. He was patient, understanding, helpful, and very encouraging in the pursue of my refinancing of my mortgage I wish to extend my thanks to you and the staff at The Federal Savings Bank. Thank you and God bless!

- Celestine M
It was great working with Holt. He always kept me in the loop with what was going on. He's just an all around great guy.

- Joshua T
I was contacted by the agent who walked me through the entire process and made it quick, easy, and enjoyable. I thank Mr. Holt for his assistance and I thank the entire The Federal Savings Bank team.

- Robert T
I have enjoyed working with Holt. I was about to give up but he help me to the end of this process a 100%. Holt communicated with me 100% and if I didn't understand he didn't take long to respond to my questions. Thank You Holt!

- Willie C