Haider Tawakali Photo

Haider Tawakali

Mortgage Banker


Haider grew up in upstate New York in the town of Fairport located right outside the city of Rochester. After graduating high school, Haider went on to graduate from the University of Buffalo with a degree in Economics and a second degree in Financial Analysis, graduating with honors in both degrees. Immediately after graduation, he worked as an operations analyst overseeing and managing the company’s supply chain on a global scale. Quickly climbing the corporate ladder, at his peak, he managed over 100 million dollars in client accounts. Many years later Haider grew realizing something was missing from his life and that was the aspect of helping people. With his entire family being in the medical field, serving the community was built into his core. Haider shifted career fields and went into mortgage banking and has since helped over 200 families with both purchasing and refinancing their properties.

Over the past few years working in the mortgage industry, Haider has faced a variety of different obstacles with every client having their own unique situation. Working with families across the US, from New York to California, he has helped veterans, first time home buyers and seasoned investors achieve their dream of owning a home. Haider has gained a toolkit of knowledge and a wealth of experience that will allow us to close on time, maintain a set amount of cash to close throughout the entire process – no sliding scale – and consistently keep you in the loop, reaching out to you at least once a week.

Haider has four brothers and three sisters. As far as fun facts are concerned, Haider loves karaoke, Monopoly, business books and DIY projects. He is a handyman when it comes to building things, having built a twin cam Harley Davidson motorcycle engine a few years ago. Also, a big goal of his is to build a Shelby Cobra kit car from the ground up. Haider currently lives with his rescued pet cat, Meow Meow.