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Hadi Serhan grew up in Michigan. Prior to joining The Federal Savings Banks, Hadi worked in the auto loan industry where he managed a team of 12 people for about two and a half years.

Hadi comes from a background of working with loans and transitioned to the mortgage industry 8 months ago. While living in Arizona, Hadi has spent months professionally helping homeowners improve their finances. He is constantly looking for ways to excel and improve while helping as many people as possible with their mortgage home loans and has been working his way into becoming a borrower’s go-to finance expert. With his passion for helping others, Hadi decided that it would be best to use his skills to better the financial lives of his clients through professional advice. He has been able to assist hundreds of clients better their lives financially. He understands that everyone’s situation is different and is known to customize a loan to accommodate each different person’s unique situation.

Hadi currently resides in Arizona. Outside of work, he loves to read and spends most of his time doing outdoor activities with family and friends.