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Greg Rast

Vice President


Greg Rast has more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage financing industry. He is a journeyman in the industry, and has successfully held multiple sales, operations, and management positions throughout his career. Over the past 15 years of his career, Greg has served in an executive management capacity for two banks in the Mid-Atlantic region.

As a top performing mortgage executive and proven leader, Greg has the knowledge and expertise to help mortgage professionals achieve success and grow within the industry. His management approach is straight forward and focuses on the strengths of each individual mortgage banker to ensure a positive and nurturing work environment. Greg utilizes his strong problem-solving skills, industry experience and knowledge to create a successful climate for all mortgage bankers.

Greg resides in San Diego, CA with his wife and family. When away from work, he enjoys spending his time outdoors, relaxing on the Southern California beaches, hiking in the mountains of Northern California as well as camping and fishing.