GP Sandhu Photo

GP Sandhu

Mortgage Banker


GP has spent most of his career working in the financial industry. Over the past several years, he’s been a wealth of knowledge to his clients as a top banker at a large national lender. GP’s laser focused dedication to his homeowners, and his ability to find creative solutions in difficult situations is unmatched.

What distinguishes GP is his ability to put the client first by understanding their needs, and by staying true to his promises from the beginning to the end of every transaction. He utilizes his creativity to solve problems and strategize detailed plans that reach his client’s financial goals. He believes that the true testament to his career is not just the accolades and awards he has earned, but also the client referrals and overly positive reviews that he has received along the way. He believes that working closely with your client and being readily available to them throughout the process leads to a seamless experience and a happy client.

GP served six years in the US Army & Texas National Guard. He has a soft place in his heart Veterans and their families and takes extreme pride in serving those that have served. He recently moved from Dallas, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee to grow his career with The Federal Savings Bank. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, cooking and playing basketball with friends.