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Freddie Stevens

Mortgage Banker


Freddie Stevens is a graduate of Grambling State University, with a major in political science/business management. He was mentored and destined for law school upon arrival at Southern Law School, he experienced what is called an epiphany (resolve of purpose) the resolve was “he would not be a servant of the system”, he would be a true service of the people. Hence, he began working in the field of insurance sales and marketing for the largest life insurance company in America.

Freddie’s achievements were many, his greatest enjoyment, “serving the people". After realizing the needs of people in the City of Los Angeles, he realized the necessity of housing. He went back to school to study real estate sales, finance and marketing. His company was one of the most successful companies in Southern California. After seven years, Freddie established his own successful mortgage company. His Cub Scout and Boy Scout motto “Be prepared”, along with his passion to serve people, that has been his “recipe” for success.

Freddie is married, his wife, Joyce and he have four children, two at home Isaiah (buddy) thirteen years old, and Elijah (scudder) eleven years old. He enjoys traveling to other countries with doctors, lawyers, and business men and women called the medical team. Freddie and his wife enjoy watching and supporting the boys in sports and school. He also enjoys reading and playing fun games with his family.