Francis Abou Photo

Francis Abou

Vice President and LPO Manager


Francis Abou received his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Oakland University in Michigan. His transition from being a successful mortgage underwriter to a loan officer was a huge reason for his success. He was ranked in the top three percent as a loan officer in one of the largest lenders in the nation to then becoming a manager that ran the number one team in less than a years’ time. He has been known to alter courses and improve processes in the mortgage industry to provide a much better customer experience.

His transition from a mortgage underwriter to a loan officer had provided Francis with a comprehensive understanding of how a mortgage process truly works and in return receives extremely satisfied clients. Between writing and underwriting mortgages, Francis has gone through several thousands of loans throughout his career. His passion and determination for always finding a better way has led him to the top throughout his career. The ability to truly implement a better client experience at The Federal Savings bank is why Francis decided to join the growing company.

Francis currently resides in Metro Detroit, Michigan with his wife and son. He enjoys thrilling activities with his wife, such as cliff diving, repelling down cliffs, scuba diving and mountain biking. Francis and his wife are known to take on any adventure they can find and one day wish to retire in Costa Rica due to their love for nature.