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Estefania Arellano is originally from Marengo, IL. Through various jobs and life events, one thing has remained constant for Estefania: her drive for helping others. She has always enjoyed helping others in need, and she has found a place here at The Federal Savings Bank where she can help people financially.

Estefania relies on her communication and positive attitude to provide her clients with top-notch customer service. She understands the importance of communication, as it allows her to connect with her clients while also figuring out what type of financial goals they have in mind. Estefania also likes to remain positive in any type of scenario. This helps her clients feel at ease throughout the entire process as she continues to work hard to match them with the best loan product for their situation. Estefania ensures each one of her clients that they will receive incredible customer service throughout every step of their journey together.

Estefania currently resides in her hometown of Marengo, IL. Outside of work, Estefania enjoys hanging with any of her family’s 7 horses or just enjoying the simple things in life. She is also a proud aunt to 10 kids and can be seen spending time with them as much as possible.