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Erica Sinchak

Vice President

Erica Sinchak has dedicated her entire career to building long standing customer relationships and providing a high quality mortgage experience. After more than 20 years of fine-tuning, Erica and The Federal Savings Bank deliver “The Perfect Mortgage Experience” through outstanding services, low rates, and fast closings. Erica was born and raised in the Midwest where she delivers mortgage services to customers all across the country. During her time at the bank she has been the recipient of numerous top producer and customer service awards.

Erica’s philosophy is to customize the mortgage experience to each borrowers preferred level of involvement. For seasoned homeowners, Erica combines old fashioned banking with a high tech touch to save you time and money. For first time homebuyers, she strives to ensure you are comfortable with your new home purchase and fully understand the mortgage process every step of the way. Additionally, Erica specializes in VA financing, including the VA’s home purchase programs, cash out refinancing programs, and, the most popular, VA streamlined interest rate reduction program.

When Erica isn’t working, you can find her shopping, exercising, spending time with family, or exploring the great outdoors! The mortgage industry keeps a permanent smile on Erica’s face, and she intends to pass that on to you.


Your company was the only one to take the time to work with us. You listened!! Thank you.

- Arthur H
I highly recommend Erica Sinchak’s residential loan services to the visitors of her website. We feel she is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable and trustworthy in the business. I feel secure and informed of all details of my loan; I hope other first-time homebuyers have the chance to work with Erica!

- Chris S
Erica - I want to THANK you for making good on our loan. Thanks for doing all the hard work to make it happen. I look forward to working with you and The Federal Savings Bank in the future.

- Christopher L
It has been a great pleasure working with Erica Sinchak to secure a home mortgage. Her incredible knowledge of the mortgage industry combined with tireless tenacity is an unbeatable combination. I highly recommend her services and will direct all of my family and friends to her with any future mortgage needs. Keep smiling, Erica!

- Dale S
Thanks for your great service, fast loan underwriting and scheduling of a smooth closing yesterday! We were all amazed and grateful for the speed of loan approval. You folks at The Federal Savings Bank make a great team, my family could not be more pleased with the outcome of this refinance.

- Fred K
I have rarely had a pleasant experience when it comes to mortgage banking. I’m so glad to have had called Erica at The Federal Savings Bank to see what her company could do for us. It was a pleasure to talk with someone that was willing to talk to me on my level, and I am amazed as to how fast she got the job done!!! Word of mouth is a great way of advertising, and I will continue to tell everyone I can about my mortgage experience, thank you again.

- Kelly P
I want to thank you for all the effort you and your team expended. Although we had a hurdle with the time difference you were available anytime I needed to speak with you. I hope the refinance was beneficial for you as it was for KJ and I. We were well treated and it was a beneficial financial endeavor for both parties. You and Sarah were great!

If I come across anyone who can benefit from refinancing, I will remember my experience and bring up your name.

Thank you for such great service!


- L and KJ R., Hawaii