Eric Naranjo Photo

Eric Naranjo

HECM Regional Senior Vice President


Eric’s professional career began with the worlds #1 Retailer and Company. He had one goal, become a GM. He started as an hourly associate as a produce clerk earning 7.62 per hour. Never losing sight of his goal, dedicated and determined to win and surrounding himself with a winning team. Embracing everything his mentors challenged with and overcoming his weaknesses, his dream came true in record breaking time. Eric became the youngest SuperCenter GM in the company. The city of Las Vegas was known to make you or break you and the turnover rate for a GM at the time was a staggering 85% within one year. That set the tone for a new goal, "survive" at all costs. Eric ran four SuperCenters in the city and his final store allowed him to reach his ultimate goal. With team of 3 Co-Managers, 14 Assistant Managers, 32 Department Mangers and 649 associates in a 228k sqft building, we generated 152 million dollars in total annual sales, setting what was then, the all-time record in the world.

Then the time came for a new challenge, Eric decided to bring the family culture and spirit that Sam had created into the mortgage industry. He formed a TOP PERFORMING and OPERATIONS HECM TEAM, eight years in the making, they are now the 6th largest HECM provider in the country. With a Team goal to be #1 in the US by mid 2015, the team constantly looks for ways to improve themselves and improve their business. They strive to lead not just the HECM Industry, but also each other to the next level of success. They swim upstream, constantly innovating against the conventional wisdom. If everybody else is doing it one way, they have found their niche by going in exactly the opposite direction. They consistently exceed every customers’ expectations and give them what they want … and a little more.

Eric lives with his wife of 15 years and their two children. They are both proud volunteers in their community and are involved with organizations such as Nevada Child Seekers and Summerlin South Little League. Eric’s passion for baseball has lead him to volunteer as a little league head coach for 5 straight years and holds three city championship trophies. Eric has a family of firefighters, three brothers in the force, and his caring for others has lead him to obtain and hold his EMTB license here in Clark county. In his recreational time Eric loves extreme ATV’s, reading his sons a chapter of the bible every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Last but not least, Eric spends quality time with his grandparents that he loves deeply for always believing in him. Eric does not come from a wealthy family actually the very opposite but because of their strong culture and passion of loyalty and love, Eric’s family feels they are the richest family on earth.