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Eric Hilario started his career in sales at a gym. He spent several years in the fitness industry becoming a coach and sales manager. Thereafter, Eric joined a real estate investing firm and worked for several years as a sales consultant, learning much about the investing side of real estate. He then worked for a large financial services institution as a customer account representative.

Soon after he started working for a large, federally chartered, mortgage lender as a Business Development Specialist and Mortgage Banker. Eric now uses his unique background in coaching to teach his clients and educate them in the homebuying mortgage process. He also uses his real estate investing background to help investors in achieving their goals in obtaining new rental properties. Eric’s previous industry experience, coupled with his friendly approach to customer service, makes him the ideal person to go on this homebuying journey with.

Eric currently lives in Hampshire, IL with his fiancé and 2 Pitbulls. In his free time, he enjoys training in combat sports and regularly goes to the boxing gym. He also enjoys learning about cryptocurrencies and stock market investing strategies.