Elizabeth Nudo Photo

Elizabeth Nudo

Vice President


Elizabeth Nudo graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2003. She was a member of the UMBC Division I Spring Board Diving Team. In 2004, she entered the mortgage business.

Throughout her experience, she has helped countless buyers purchase their primary residences as well as make further investments in real estate. She has also been there to aid her clients through the refinancing of their properties to lower their interest rates and lower overall monthly debts. She also assists them in obtaining personal goals such as starting or investing in a business, paying for a college education, and using their equity to buy that much desired vacation home. Elizabeth takes great pride in open and consistent communication, as well as ensuring that her clients fully understand and are educated about the mortgages process. She loves what she does and working in the mortgage industry has become her passion.

Elizabeth spent most of her life in Baltimore City where she was an active member of various city groups and Vice President of her community association. She later moved to Howard County, Maryland with her family. Her spare time is spent with her husband and two beautiful children, taking in and appreciating all that life has to offer.