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Dwayne Jacobs

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Dwayne Jacobs has been one of the nation’s top residential mortgage loan originators for the past eight years. Dwayne’s expertise on a vast array of mortgage products, especially VA purchase and refinance, has been the essential tool to helping customers find the right fit and the right products for their needs. Dwayne’s focus has always been customer first, and this dedication to the customer is what sets Dwayne apart from other Mortgage Bankers.

Dwayne grew up on a farm in a very small town in Arkansas. After graduating High School he joined the United States Air Force in which he served seven years. During this time Dwayne had several deployments, two of them to the Middle East. During Dwayne’s service he was also going to school and received his associate’s degree from the Air Force. After his military career Dwayne went back to school and completed his Bachelor’s degree in business management.

Dwayne and his wife have three children and two foster children they hope to adopt. As a devoted father, Dwayne spends his free time with his five children and beautiful wife of 15 years. The success Dwayne has enjoyed both domestically and professionally is totally attributed to his Faith in God, Service to his Country, and wonderful his wife.


My name is Henri S. and I just recently closed on my VA streamline refinancing of my home in Simpsonville, SC. I have been through a few home purchases, sells of property and other refinances on property and never have I been shown the utmost professionalism and courtesy as displayed to me by Mr. Jacobs.

I am retired from the Army and underwent total shoulder replacement on 26 November 2012. In the first week of December I received correspondence from your bank advising of the possibility tso refinance my home. I have never been through a smooth process and for that matter a smooth closing. As you can imagine I was very skeptical and short initially with Mr. Jacobs. I explained my predicament and that I was recovering from surgery and did not feel like dealing with a refinancing that would probably be filled with problems. After my initial conversation with Mr. Jacobs I advised him that I needed to think about it. He was very professional, polite and advised he would call me in a week.

After my initial conversation with Mr. Jacobs, although he was very courteous I just did not want to deal with banks and perceived problems. We did talk again and he assured me that the process would be smooth and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. Mr. Jacobs assisted me with my application, kept me posted every step of the way and always doing so displaying outstanding customer service and promptly returning my calls and emails.

I served as a CPT in various leadership positions in the Army. I would welcome Mr. Jacobs on my team and cannot express how thankful I am to him for helping me through this process and assisting me and my family. He is a man of high moral character, integrity and a person that keeps his word. I wish there were more people like him and he serves to be a tremendous asset to your organization. Because of his actions I will always think of him and refer him any opportunities in the future that I know of.

Sir, I am sure you aware of this, however, it is very difficult to find people today that possess such outstanding characteristics. I hope you can find away to acknowledge his efforts because they have served to be consequential. He is the reason why I chose to proceed with my loan. Thank you in advance for your time.

- Henri S
My wife and I were dealing with a lender that our realtor had recommended. We had a delayed closing at our request, however when we got to within 30 days of the projected closing date, we were not getting responses to our questions about locking in an interest rate or the next steps in the process. This was December 2012 into January 2013 at a time when the country was going over the fiscal cliff and no telling what affect this would have on interest rates, so we were eager to lock in at the all time low rates available. Since we weren't getting feedback from our lender, we decided to shop around, so we went to Lending Tree and got immediate responses from about 6 lenders who could offer a VA Jumbo Loan. After speaking with three of these lenders, one quickly stood out: Dwayne Jacobs at The Federal Savings Bank. The difference was that Dwayne was up front an honest (though I couldn't know that at the time) about what he was offering and was consistent every time I spoke with him about what he promised from day one. That never changed. In fact, he delivered more than he originally promised because, at one point in this 27 day window from the time we first spoke to the day we closed, he added a promise that we would not bring any money to closing. He kept all of his promises. We closed one day later than expected due to an unforeseen power outage that shut down the building where the escrow company was located, but Dwayne delivered! We recommend that you seriously consider The Federal Savings Bank thanks to the efforts of Dwayne Jacobs as well as his manager, Eric Katz. Sincerely,

- Howard and Janet Z
When Dwayne first contacted me about a mortgage, I thought I was going to be paying 20% down and would have little money left over for any fix ups on the house we were purchasing. Dwayne quickly told me I was eligible for a VA loan, which I had never realized before, even after having several other mortgages. He showed how I could buy the house with only 5% down and a better interest rate than other loans. This enabled us to make lots of changes in the home which we thought were out of our reach.

My realtor got upset and thought I was going to lose the house by doing the VA loan, but Dwayne went out of his way to calm her fears and make sure all the proper forms were filled out. Not only did the loan process go smoothly, but Dwayne made sure we closed on schedule despite some last minute issues with the house inspection. He was there through the entire process, calling me to let me know what he needed, or just to let me know how the process was coming along.

I would recommend Dwayne to anyone looking for a mortgage. I have never had this kind of great service from a banker in my life. Thank you Dwayne for making our dreams come true.

- Steve M
Dear Federal Savings Bank,

I would like a few minutes of your time to express my gratitude for your employee, Dwayne Jacobs. People talk about under promising and over delivering, but Dwayne lives it. Throughout the process of refinancing my home, Dwayne was prompt in communication and stated the facts regarding the transaction precisely and accurately.

I recently closed out a VA REFI totaling just over $400,000. Stated simply, is a huge deal to my family. This transaction will improve my family’s life in numerous ways! I’ve heard it said that a life insurance sales person never really becomes good at their trade until they pay out there first policy. I fully believe Dwayne understands the importance of his trade and he is an absolute professional at it. Not only is he a professional, I consider him a friend. Allow me to digress to the beginning of this process. I submitted a mortgage inquiry online and as you can imagine I received several calls expressing interest in acquiring the potential business I offered. When Dwayne called, we spoke for a few minutes and everything felt natural instantly. I told Dwayne that I would call my wife to discuss our conversation and get back with him. My wife agreed, so I called Dwayne back within an hour or two to let him know we were ready to go forward with the plan he had laid out.

Here is the interesting part and something I never mentioned to Dwayne. Throughout this process, I received countless calls from other companies attempting to earn my trust. At first, I ignored the calls and emails but I finally realized they were not going to quit calling unless I communicated to them that I was not interested. Of course, some of these people were able to get there offer across quickly by stating some intriguing things to sway me in their direction. These people said such things as we can get you a better deal; we can save you money, etc. When I think about this, I recognize it takes a special kind of person such as Dwayne to be able to quickly create such a solid repoire with another person that he has never personally met, to cause you to comfortably turn down another claim to “save money and get a better deal”.

Finally, as a Veteran I consider it valuable to utilize my earned eligibilities. Too often in past experiences it has seemed that when utilizing such eligibilities the person on the other end of the transaction was simply begrudgingly upholding an obligation. However, with Dwayne it is obvious he honors and respects Veterans. My father is a 42-year Veteran. I have many other friends and family members that are also Veterans. I have personally, or through email, told each of them have impressed I was with your company and particularly Dwayne. I have passed his contacts and my highest recommendations on them. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read this. As I’m certain you are aware, the people in a company are the companies greatest asset. I write you simply that you may be certain you have a great person in Dwayne Jacobs.

Very Respectfully,

- Todd R