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Dustin Mol

Senior Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
Dustin Mol has more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He continues to work today as a trusted and reliable Senior Vice President at The Federal Savings Bank. He is an expert on the mortgage process, and works tirelessly to steward clients through the loan process from application through closing.

Dustin is a nationwide lender and trusted professional by his clients and partners. He has a reputation for honesty, integrity, and above all else, delivering the highest level of customer service to his clients. Dustin uses his vast expertise to guide his client through the mortgage process in an organized and efficient manner. He understands that for most of his clients, a home is the largest financial asset they will ever own, and works hard to help his clients achieve their goal of homeownership.

Dustin his wife, Jessica, and son’s, Declan and Callan, reside in Yorkville, Illinois. When away from work, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. Dustin is an avid outdoorsman and spends a good amount of time hunting and fishing in Michigan.


Amazing experience! As first time home buyers, there is a huge learning curve to all aspects of buying a home. From real estate agents to attorneys and loan officers, the process can prove to be stressful and trying. Knowing that you have someone on your side you can trust is an incredible feeling. Dustin Mol and his team at The Federal Savings Bank were on our side every step of the way. The team was available and responsive to all of our questions. We literally couldn’t have made it to our closing without them. I would highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank to anyone anywhere in the country looking to secure a mortgage, especially if you are going with a VA loan. Having done a lot of research and in talking to several banks before going with Dustin and his team, I found that most banks offer the same product...it’s all about the service and whether or not your loan officer will call you back. The VA loan has a few extra steps, but it was totally manageable with such an efficient, patient and competent team at The Federal Savings Bank.

- Amy A
Our loan officer was the best I've ever dealt with!! Very responsive and follows through when expected!! We are very happy customers!!

- Anne G.
The Professional Service by the bank and the Loan Officer, Dustin Mol, were so good I recommend him to BOTH of my Veteran Sons to have his set up for them. One already closed this past week, the other will soon. Without question the BEST service and loan performance I have ever had in 40 years. Fantastic!

- Bob P
Fastest, easiest most professional banking home loan operation ever in my 25 years of owning my home!!! Loan Officer was on the spot, every day and without question the BEST I have ever had to work with! I think having my loan covered by the VA again was well worth the effort and was beneficial to me too!

- Bob P
Thank you Dustin Mol!! It was a great pleasure working with you. You were always available to answer any and all of my questions, and there were many...You really made the refinance process easy and enjoyable.

- Christine F
Highly recommend these professionals! No matter what time a question came up, their team was happy to answer it in a timely manner. I always trust recommendations more than shotgun fishing and this is an example why. Streamline process and no issues that weren't able to be worked with. Good Job!

- Christopher P
My experience The Federal Savings Bank was excellent. Every thing they promised was met and exceeded. Time frames were great. The refinance was the simplest task and I would and will use them in the future.

- Chuck M
Dustin is wonderful to work with. Very fast, zero stress transaction. Would highly recommend!

- Dave M.
Just want to say thanks for you and your team's assistance in my recent VA Mortgage Refinance. The entire process was efficient, painless and most appreciated. Again, thank you.

- Deborah P
Dustin Mol was outstanding. I think he helped us set the new world's record from offer to closing. He moved the process along and stayed with us!

- Dr. Yount
We worked closely with Dustin Mol for the refinancing of our home, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was responsive and addressed all our questions and concerns right away We were very happy with his services. Our loan closed in record time.

- Floyd S
I would like to thank the Federal Savings Bank and especially you for the effort you expended in obtaining my refinancing loan. I know it took extra effort to obtain the approval for the loan and then getting everything to gather for the process. Again, thank you, and in the future if I need to refinance again, I will be sure and contact you and your excellent staff.

- James P
I was stressed about the closing, you guys made it easy. Communication between me and the agent was exceptional and the whole process was a smooth as silk. I am very happy with the results.

- Jeff Z
Very professional. Cooperation on the highest level. Will recommend any time!

- Jim D
Hi Dustin,

Thank you for your expertise in helping me with the refinance of my loan. You did a great job and I will recommend you and TFSB.

- John D
I loved working with Dustin Mol. He was available to me whenever I called and always answered my questions with knowledgeable answers. A great asset to your bank.

- Joy J
Excellent service with Dustin Mol. He was consistent with necessary phone calls and kept checking on me for needed information. Very cordial with business etiquette. Extremely knowledgeable of mortgage opportunity!

- Julie J
The entire process of re-financing our mortgage went extremely well. Mr. Dustin Mol was a pleasure to work with and his professionalism was excellent. Mr. Mol answered all our question and responded day and night to keep us updated. I would like to thank The Federal Savings Bank for the expertise that Mr. Dustin Mol afforded my wife and I.

Thank You.

- Marianne and Sam J
I received a flyer in my mail offering refinancing of up to 100% of my home at the current available interest rate. I had just refinanced 6 months earlier for 90% the value of my home, as my existing loan company had offered 2.75% refinance in the form of a 5 year A.R.M.. I had received other offers, but because The Federal Savings Bank is a Veteran owned and operated institution I chose to ask them for help. They offered a matching loan at 100%value of my home, but at the current rate of 3.125%.

Had I known this was available, I could have saved over $5,000.00 by going to The Federal Savings Bank first. Dustin Mol and his team were extremely efficient and timely in the handling of my loan, and it was reassuring having one person responsible instead of being shuffled between different departments whenever I had a question.

I highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank, and in particular; Dustin Mol and his outstanding team of fellow veterans.

- Mark M
When I first received a call from The Federal Savings Bank I was a bit apprehensive; I had received several calls from other banks trying to sell me their low interest rates because of my VA loan. Nonetheless, I accepted being transferred to Dustin Mol who was nothing by professional throughout the closing process. I never felt like I was being misled or even pressured to make a decision to close on my refinance. Everything I had to do was explained in detailed and if I had any questions Dustin was prompt in answering them; Dustin even went above and beyond to try and accommodate not only my needs but my family’s. I would definitely recommend Dustin Mol for refinancing your VA loan.

- Matthew H
Dustin Mol is always professional and certainly knows the industry well. This is my third re-fi with Dustin and I plan to continue my business with him. I have referred two people to him as I'm always confident that he can help or at least direct them in the right direction.

- Matthew H
After my last refinancing which took 6 months, I was very surprised to experience my refinance with The Federal Savings Bank that took 23 days from them receiving my application to closing. They were very responsive keeping me apprised of my mortgage status throughout the application process. They kept every commitment to me including me missing 2 mortgage payments. Great work!

- Mike N
Dustin was incredible. He made this such a wonderful experience. We appreciate everything he did and his amazing service. Thank you to you all and THANK YOU FOR SERVING!!!!!!!!

- Peggy and Ronnie T
I have to say that working with Dustin and The Federal Savings Bank has been a joy!! Their process was very easy to follow and Dustin took the time to clearly explain everything to us. When we had any question (there weren't many) he was always quick to respond and quick to get back to us. If and when we decide to refinance again, we’ll definitely be working with Dustin and The Federal Savings Bank. We’ll also be referring family and friends. It was literally easier than buying a car. Thanks Dustin.

- Rick A
I want to provide my feedback to your excellent handling of my recent VA refinance. I have had several mortgage closing over the course of my life and you are clearly one of the most knowledgeable and attentive loan professional I have had the pleasure to deal with. From the very first contact to the notification of the loan funding you have been with me all along the way. First, you provided me with your contact information including your cell phone numbers. You responded to my questions in the most timely manner and always got back to me to keep me updated in the loan process. What is very special is that our time difference of almost 5 hours made very little difference (Hawaii - Illinois). The arrangements for virtual documentations including closing was without a flaw.

Thank you for handling my loan from beginning to end in an amazing 3 weeks (actually more like 2 1/2). I am completely satisfied with the personal service you gave me virtually. The virtual loan process works and you proved that it can be done in the fastest possible time.

- Ronald F
In my life time I have purchased five (5) homes, sold four (4) homes and refinanced five (5) times and in all of my experiences dealing with Mortgage Bankers Dustin Mol is truly the most honest, forth right Mortgage Banker I have ever had reason to do business with. He delivered the highest level of professionalism in customer service and proved his expertise to guide me through the refinance process to gain approval quickly and painlessly. In closing, I would recommend to anyone, both Dustin and The Federal Savings Bank for the place to go for purchasing and/or refinancing your home . Best regards,

- Thomas T
Dustin helped my husband and I immensely with our refinance. Once Dustin began working with us the process moved quickly to the final stages. He was always kind and professional and quick with quality answers to our questions and concerns.

Hopefully we will not have to do a refinance again but if that situation arises Dustin would be my requested agent.

Thank you for your time,

- Tione and Mark D
I would like to thank you and The Federal Savings Bank. My experience was great with my VA Refinance. The process was very straight forward and completed in a timely manner. I greatly appreciated that I was kept well informed during the process. I was treated with the utmost respect and I give you and the staff a "10". Thank You, Dustin.

- T.L. Gabriel
A pleasure to commend Dustin Mol, a mortgage banker with your firm, for his untiring efforts to secure refinancing for my home in Delaware.

Internet searching led me to your company and I was heartened to see that it is veteran-owned. A disabled veteran, Viet Nam, I used my Veterans Administration loan benefit for this purpose.

Dustin and I really burned up the wires, well, maybe the towers anyway, as we spoke many times during the month or so it took to finalize the arrangements. His knowledge and willingness to answer any question was more appreciated as our long-distance business conversations got us closer to the deal’s completion.

Have always been kind of a new horizons guy and have been through the mortgage process at least 14 times (if I didn’t miss any). This was the smoothest and most professional of any even though it was entirely by telephone. Am grateful for Dustin’s personal service that just didn’t quit.

When I again need the service, I’ll call him.

- William H
Dustin did a fantastic job setting up our loan, and also made the whole process a piece of cake. He was respectful and willing to help at any moment. Every question I asked put me at ease and made the whole process very smooth! We made the right decision!

- William O