Drew Dickman Photo

Drew Dickman

Senior Vice President and Loan Production Office Manager


Drew Dickman graduated from LaRoche University with a bachelor of science degree and dual major in accounting and finance. Drew has been in the mortgage business for more than two and half decades and has consistently been recognized for his high level of production and superior customer service. With an impressive career volume, Drew prides himself on being one of the best in the business.

Drew has found success in the mortgage business for many reasons, but most notably for always putting the customer first. Drew’s goal is to simplify the mortgage process for his customers and make the home loan process easy to navigate. He and his team thoroughly educate their borrowers throughout the mortgage transaction, so they fully understand their options and feel comfortable with their chosen loan program. He also strives to get loans closed quickly and in record time, which he believes is also a cornerstone of his reputation. Drew believes that his personal commitment to professional excellence, coupled with a strong desire to help others, is the absolute foundation of his success.

Drew grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA and currently resides in Mars, PA with his wife and three children. Drew’s community involvement is a very important part of his personal and professional life. He is extremely proud of his Pittsburgh upbringing.