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Douglas Smith

Vice President


Douglas Smith graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a bachelor’s degree in design and illustration. Following graduation, he continued his career in the design world as a senior graphic designer and eventually became a creative art director for an energy drink company. In the years following, he became married and decided to make two moves: one to Arizona and the other into the mortgage industry.

Upon arrival in Arizona, he began his career in the mortgage industry as a senior loan officer. Quickly learning the ins and outs of the industry, he was promoted to manage his own team of loan officers. Similar to the approach he uses with his team, Doug is an advocate for open communication with all of his clients. He fully understands that each individual has their own goals and strives to provide a seamless loan process to best service to all of his clients. Doug takes pride in his work ethic and makes sure that each customer is given his absolute attention and energy.

Doug is very active in his kids’ lives as he coached his children’s soccer, football and basketball teams. Doug and his wife, Tammy, are involved in school activities. A self-proclaimed sports nut, Doug loves staying active and participating in the artistic designs.


Doug Smith has been a fantastic banker to work with. His knowledge and his always being available for questions has been nothing short of outstanding. His many abilities to help make this transaction totally comfortable and easy to work with, have truly made this an unbelievable and wonderful transaction. Thanks for all your hard work and understanding!

- Anthony K
Doug and his team did an outstanding job. I had recently tried refinancing through another company a few months ago and experienced very poor communication and feeling of not knowing what has happening. Over a week after signing our closing documents we were finally notified that the funding was not going to happen and they told us there was nothing they could do for us. Upon hearing this, Doug went above and beyond and figured out a way to help us so we could refinance. He was communicating often with me about where we were in the process. It is obvious he was knowledgeable about the process and all the options available. Thanks again, Doug!

- Ashley R
Mr. Douglas Smith and his team made this experience smooth and enjoyable. Thanks to All who helped his this this experience.

- Charles H
Douglas Smith was really great and patient with us! Outstanding job Douglas! P.S. Go Vikings!

- Craig T
Douglas Smith was outstanding.

- Craig T
Douglas Smith has exceptional customer service because he's very hands on and had the willingness to address any concern small or big. What really impressed me the most, he asked all my calls immediately. Only a few times did I have to leave a voicemail. But when I did, I did not wait long for a return call. Doug is a GEM, someone hard to find with old school mentality in this age of technology.

- Francis J
We would like to take out this time to let let you know how much we truly appreciate your professionalism going over and behind to keep on track with closing as soon as possible. For your diligence in making sure the right decisions were made to ensure our dreams of an addition for our home come to fruition. Certainly a pleasure to have meant such a personable, patient (emphasis on patient) and caring person. We wish you and your family all the best in your future endeavors. From time to time I send you pictures of the progress for the addition. Take care, Be safe

- Frank and Darcy J

- Jesse B
Doug is the consummate professional communicating effectively and thoroughly and responding with alacrity to all requests and questions. This was a pleasurable experience and will look to work with Doug again.

- Larry L
We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Douglas Smith. He explained the loan process step by step. At each interval what he said was true. He kept us abreast of each stage of the loan process. Providing us with the appropriate documents and copies of the loan. He demonstrated an insurmountable patience. His disposition was always pleasant and respectful. I appreciate his candidacy. By the way I am a 100% disabled veteran. I have difficulties in the use of my hands, which created delays. Mr Douglas remained very patient and for that I am very grateful. I highly recommend him.

- Leodies W
Douglas made our experience a very good one because of his clear communication and overall helpfulness in our process. He really made this process make sense to us. We really appreciate the care, patience, and professionalism he exhibited toward us. We will definitely recommend this bank to others.

- Patrice G
Can't even begin to say what an outstanding job Doug Smith did with a very time consuming loan. From start to finish, the experience was in a word, seamless. Thanks to Doug and the team for their outstanding customer service skills and ability to make a loan I didn't even think possible come into fruition! I will definitely recommend Doug to anyone looking to purchase or refinance in the future!

- Sabrina W
Working with Doug Smith was awesome! I tried to refinance with three other companies, two telling me no we can't do it. Doug got the job done! My wife and I are super happy.

- Sharod B
I am very satisfied and I really appreciate Doug, for all his labor on how he communicate to me with his patience, on a timely manner, always there to answers questions and his dedication to his job. Great job, highly recommended. Thank you.

- Teresa S
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Smith for all his hard work, diligence, persistence, courtesy, and patience on my behalf. He is truly a man among men. Initially, I was quite reluctant to undertake this refi experience due to the fact that I had had two bad prior experiences.

None of this was the case with Mr. Smith. We talked for quite some time developing a report with one another. I felt comfortable with his knowledge of the field, his calmness, and the ease of conversation, let alone our discussions about family life. There are several outstanding qualities about Doug Smith that I admire.

First, he is a man of his word. He will under promise and over deliver (Biden quote.) He is very prompt and timely about documents that need to be sent.

Second, he has the patience of Job, in helping and walking me through computer technology to complete all documents. He walked me through every step of the way and it seemed so easy when he explained it to me in non-technological terms.

Third, he was consistent and persistent in helping me secure the necessary documents that I needed for closing; even to the extent of being on conference calls with bank managers and helping them to understand what I needed in a non-threatening way-amazing.

Fourth, he went to extra mile to wait until I finished the conference calls, waited until I traveled home, and called me to help me go through the PDF files I knew nothing about. He walked me through every step of the way.

Fifth, he was always available to me no matter what time of day or night and if I reached a voice message he always returned my calls.

Sixth, he has a tremendous sense of humor to alleviate the stress he knew I was going through.

Finally, after closing, he sent me a birthday greeting-what a guy! As well as him calling to see if everything went smoothly at closing.

In conclusion, I consider Doug as an accomplished banker, good friend, and a superb human being he should go to the top of the class with a TREMENDOUS raise in salary. I look forward to doing business with him again this winter and will not hesitate to recommend all my friends to him. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

- Thomas J
Douglas Smith was wonderful to work with. He was always responsive, reachable and took care of all my concerns, and took the time to always explain all aspects of the process.

- Trent F
The mortgage transaction was a very tranquil process in part because of the professionalism, knowledge and the humanitarian aspect that we experienced. Douglass Smith was exceptional in providing support during this difficult loan process. His honesty, understanding, explanations, and reasoning during this process truly helped to make this experience worthwhile! Kudos to Doug on a job well done.

- Watson P