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Donna Zadie

Mortgage Banker


Donna Maria Zadie was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. For the past twenty years she has dedicated her life to the holistic field. Over the past fifteen years she has surrounded herself with friends and family who work within the mortgage and real estate industry. Seeing her family and friends help others achieve financial security and the American dream, left a positive impact on Donna, and made it that much easier for her to work in the mortgage industry.

Her spouse Joseph, who is a Senior Vice President at The Federal Savings Bank, and she have joined to create a well-balanced team. Donna works with a high level of integrity and has many years of customer service experience. To simplify the homebuying process, her belief is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Donna’s interests include massage & bodywork and watching reality competition shows. In her free time, she enjoys making fun recipes and her kitties.