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Dina Akerlund

Vice President


  • Veteran Lending Specialist
Dina Akerlund is a Mortgage Banker with The Federal Savings Bank and has over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. Her vast knowledge and many years of training with three of the top five mortgage lenders in the United States is reflected in her attention to detail and commitment to assist her clients with their mortgage financing needs. Dina’s mortgage background includes Processing, Closing and Underwriting, in addition to Inside and Outside Sales. This experience and dedication to her clients is what has made Dina a successful Mortgage Banker.

The Federal Savings Bank is Veteran owned and operated and offers a wide array of financing options for Dina to offer each individual client based on their needs. Dina has a mission to deliver the highest level of customer service and satisfaction throughout the entire loan process. Customers can expect to receive the highest level of service built on the bank’s core values of teamwork, quality, respect, professionalism and focus on the needs of each individual customer.

Dina resides in Chicago’s suburbs. When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two beautiful young children, family and friends.


That unique camaraderie found between service members is a key factor for instilling the deepest pride while serving our country. It's rare to find any semblance of that pride outside of our armed forces yet it's exactly what I discovered from the Federal Savings Bank staff. Dina Akerlund, VP, astounded me by her genuine concern, amazing knowledge, efficiency and friendship. I've regained financial freedom by refinancing my mortgage and debt consolidation. It goes without saying that it's greatly improved my attitude and my quality of life.

- Curtis H.
Dina Akerlund and all the staff at The Federal Savings Bank bent over backwards to ensure that we had the right type of loan and closed on time despite a tight schedule. Their service standards are unmatched by anyone else I've worked with over the last 20 years.

- Duncan
I am so grateful that Dina Akerlund was the person who helped me refinance our home. I really do not remember everything that was said during the time because I have been speaking with her since October of last year. After an intense search and reaching out to various refinancing companies, I had almost decided to just accept the financial life I had.

What I now know is that she gained my trust by her ethics, honesty, and personal concern for my life. I care deeply about how and what I do in every part of my life and Dina responded to my concerns. I know we were dealing with a mortgage, and now I know more about the process than I ever have. Dina helped me learn, something no other more “paternal” lenders I have experienced.

As an artist and educator people often, without knowing me seemed to judge the way I used my income. I always felt like Dina understood my life before my finances. Through her guidance I also know the power that understanding my financial life can change how I perceive my personal circumstances.

She is the most "human" new relationship I have had this year and we have only spoken on the phone and written through e-mails. She is my favorite person I have not "met." I will truly miss hearing her voice and thank her forever.

- Elizabeth L
I highly recommend Mrs. Dina Akerlund if you are considering in refinancing. Not only did Dina provide us with outstanding service throughout the loan process, but she offered options that my current lender, seemingly unwilling to offer us the best deal, claimed were unavailable to us. Dina processed and expedited our loan in less than 30 business days (even less if you include the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays). Unlike any other home loan or refinance we have experienced, there were no hiccups in the process. Our experience began with a phone call to Dina on November 15th regarding a flyer I received in the mail about a VA home loan refinance. I had already begun the process two days prior with my current lender, but did not get that feeling of great customer satisfaction, i.e., having the feeling that the customer is working for you trying to help you meet your financial and personal needs. As soon as I contacted Dina, I got the feeling I was expecting from my current lender. I have never started a loan process and switched to another lender in less than 2 business days, nor would I have admitted that to just anyone, but I was honest with Dina that I had started the process and was wondering if she may have a better offer for us. What I appreciated most was that she asked questions about our financial goals and she was extremely friendly and professional without being pushy. I have already told Dina we will reach out to her in future years should we move and/or need another home loan. She will provide outstanding service in a professional and timely manner, and she will work with you for a solution that supports you and your family!

- Erin S
Kim and I would like to thank Dina Akerlund and the entire team at the The Federal Savings Bank for helping us on not one but two VA Guaranteed Loans. Dina and help team really understand the mortgage market and steps required for VA loans. In both cases we were able to get a very competitive rate. We were able to save money during the closing process and the monthly payment. I would recommend Dina and her team for all VA loan products. I will definitely work with The Federal Savings Bank if we need a mortgage in the future.

- John M
I have been so disappointed with my refi experiences I nearly gave up. I thought I'd never refi this home and felt gun shy because of long disastrous processes that fell apart during closing-- Then I had great luck connecting with Dina Akerland-- She was unbelievable. She listened, heard and managed to come through with a loan and great rate. She was professional, didn't push -- was very clear, and the process went through so seamlessly that I still can't believe it's done. It feels like a great weight has been lifted. I am more than pleased-- and can't wait until I get to pass her name onto others looking to refi. Thank you so much!

- Karen S
I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude that I received throughout my entire loan process due to the tireless efforts of my loan officer, Mrs. Dina Akerlund. During the entire process of my loan, she was the most professional and helpful person I have ever encountered in the banking industry. The truth is, this is my third mortgage and second refinance and I received better service from someone 1500 miles away than I ever did from someone local.(she even provided updates over the weekend during her time off)

She was absolutely on top of everything during the entire process and I am convinced that without her in the mortgage industry helping people like me, the entire loan industry would be collectively diminished as a whole. As long as Mrs. Akerlund works for Federal Savings Bank, she will be my only loan officer for me from now on. All of the staff that helped me on my loan was extremely helpful; however Mrs. Akerlund is the binding link that makes them a great team. As a 23 year veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, I could not be happier and could not have received better service than I did for this loan.

- Mark J
Dina answered all our questions, moved the process, and now we have the money. Everything was outstanding, OUTSTANDING! Thanks!

- Roosevelt B
It has been a pleasure working with Dina Akerlund and The Federal Savings Bank on our re-finance. Dina has been so nice and understanding during the whole process. She was totally professional and responded to all our questions and worked very hard to get our refinancing through to closing.

I have had other experiences with re-financing and unfortunately, they have all been disasters. I was impressed with Dina, she was able to anticipate our needs and communicate the issues and solutions. She understood what we were looking for and therefore made a positive impact on the end result.

I would definitely recommend a friend or someone who is looking to refinance to Dina and Federal Savings Bank.

Thank you again, for all your hard work in getting us successfully through to closing.

- Walter and Donna W